Goed gemutst

Goed gemutst

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What is more fun than making your own knitwear? Start with an easy scarf or try something harder. There are patterns for everyone: hats, scarves, mittens, … With this book you can make your favorite LN pieces for yourself, friends and family. Thanks to the simple instructions, easy patterns and beautiful pictures you can knit or crochet a unique piece. 

Publisher: Manteau, 2013
Pages: 168

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Goedgemutst' is a 168 pages thick paper-back DIY (Do-it-Your-self) book, published by De Standaard Uitgeverij (WPG Uitgevers). 'Goedgemutst' consists of three parts.The first part will sketch you the very beginning of LN| Beanies and LN| Andes.The second part will literally teach you how to knit and crochet with handy drawings and step-by-step guidelines, since you'll be needing this to start with the third part. The third part consists of 31 LNBeanies patterns for you to knit. From beanies to scarves, to mittens, to baby socks, ... You name it! With the LNBeanies book & the LNBeanies yarn you'll be able to knit your very own LNBeanies. On top of that you get a free 'LNBeanies - handmade by me' washing label to finish your handmade LN!