About the brand ...

LN Knits creates high quality products that are not only beautiful, but also fair and sustainable.

How it all began ...

Founder Ellen Kegels (also known as LN) started crocheting her own beanies at the age of fifteen. Enter the sweet grannies.

With some time on their hands and many years of experience, they helped knitting and shared their knowledge with Ellen.

Peruvian Andes

In search of the best materials we found ourselves in the Peruvian Andes.

Homeland of the alpacas.

Alpacas are kept in herds that graze at an altitude of 3500m to 5000m above sea level.

Natural materials.

Baby alpaca is one of the softest and most delicate fibers in the world and the base of our knitwear collection.

Handmade knits with baby alpaca wool by las mamas ...

Since we only work with the best materials we also want our products to be made in the best human conditions.

350 and counting...

From the very start, Ellen had been dreaming about providing honest work for an entire Peruvian village.

That dream has now come true! Over 350 ladies are supporting their families by knitting your favorite beanies, scarves, sweaters and much more on a daily basis.

Make a difference

While knitting, more than 300 Peruvian ladies and their families earn a steady income.

Meet Haydee,

Mother of Anali, knitting the Long Lucy.

And Modesta,

knitting the Big Bertha.

Cuddles from time to time

Since LN Knits is all about creating a better life for the locals, we even own a few alpacas! Every year, another Peruvian family takes care of them, sharing in the profits of the wool.

The only thing we ask for, is some alpaca cuddles from time to time.

The LN Knits universe

Over the years, LN Knits has grown into a unique brand. Ellen’s handmade beanie label evolved into the LN Knits universe it is today, as she designed interior accessories like pillows and plaids from the softest alpaca wool, she wrote three books about knitting (in Dutch).

We launched LNFairfood (a cookbook), the Sustainable LN Jeans collection and T-shirt collection. Our accessory brand has developed into an extraordinary clothing label for women, men and kids, and we’re absolutely loving it!

More to come...

Although lots and lots of our dreams have come true since Ellen Kegels started LN Knits, we still have some very big and fluffy plans for the future, and many Fairtrade stories to tell!

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LNknits flagship store

Our store is located in Leopoldstraat 22, 2000 Antwerp.

Open every Friday from 11h-18h and Saturday from 10h - 18h. Do you like to come on another day? Book an appointment for a private (virtual) shopping session through Facebook.

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