From alpaca to your closet and beyond

This is the Sustainability Report of LN Knits, giving you an insight in the objectives, company values, production process and recent achievements with respect to sustainability in our company. Sustainability has been on the agenda of LN Knits since the very beginning and will always be an integral part of the organization.


When you buy something from LN Knits, you do not only spoil yourself but you will make +300 people (and not to forget the environment!) very happy. How is this possible? We would like to introduce you to the 5 core values of LN Knits: Humane (a fair, humane and sustainable environment for the knitters), Honest (fair and honest wages), Natural (natural materials), Sustainable (we work in an environmentally friendly way) and Authentic (Every single piece in the collection is still hand made and is still made with lots of love).


We strive to take responsibility at every step of the way, from choosing natural fibers, to only working together with a handful of partners, all of whom are required to comply with our code of conduct. We want to take responsibility for our products even after they have left the (online) store. That’s why we offer ‘care’ products too. In this way we can reduce the environmental impact in the user phase and take responsibility all the way to the end of the product’s operational life.


At LN Knits we want sustainable and healthy development for people and the environment. We will only engage business suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to contribute to the improvement of working conditions and strive to meet our requirements. We are proud to collaborate with high standard suppliers who have strong environmental and social concerns like Solid Peru in Ayacucho. Solid is our main supplier since the very beginning.


We take all the opportunities we have to spread and share information and knowledge. Information about what we are doing, the importance of fair fashion, the importance of taking responsibility in production and working transparently. We place great emphasis on employing wholesale clients and sale staffs. We also love to talk about our brand, and how it has developed over time, at events. We rarely advertise because we believe that great service and great ideas are spread more effectively by word of mouth.

We are proud to be where we are today. But we realize that we are still far from perfect and need to keep working to ensure a more sustainable future for LN Knits. We have goals to work towards and challenges to work with! We are happy to be able to share all of this with you and we are excited about continuing this work in the future. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our work that you were unable to find an answer to in this report, we would be happy to help you via