For over 10 years, 33-year-old Ellen Kegels has been aiming for (more) honest fashion with her knitting brand LN Knits. As a crocheting pioneer, Ellen was trendy even before the actual handicraft hype took off in Belgium. Slowly but steady, she worked on her slow fashion story.

In the meantime, she wrote three books with knitting and crocheting tips, as well as her very own cookbook. Thanks to her travels to Peru, where LN Knits’ production is located, she got acquainted with the local gastronomy that inspired her to launch her own superfoods label and book. A fifth book, LNKNITS Essentials, containing knitting and crocheting patterns of the most beautiful LN Knits pieces, will hit the shelves this fall.

It is Ellen’s ambition and goal to help as many Peruvian women possible get an honest and humane job, all the while encouraging consumers to shop mindfully. “As long as multinationals keep on producing unethical fashion, people will keep on buying it. We try to make a difference by sensitizing people and furthermore offer beautiful fair trade collections for young and old.” – Ellen Kegels