What’s the difference between LNBeanies and LNAndes?

Within LNKnits we have two brands, namely LNBeanies and LNAndes. Both brands are based upon the principle of high quality, high end materials and fair fashion, designed in Antwerp and hand-knit in Peru. The LNBeanies collection goes from hats, mittens, headbands, scarves … to warm cardigans and sweaters for him, her and the kids. This collection is heavier and more “sporty” than the LNAndes collection. Every LNAndes item is made from a pure alpaca bouclé yarn, giving it volume and keeping it extra light. 

How do I place an order?

It's very easy to place an order on the LNKnits website. Once you have selected the size, color and quantity of your favourite item, click on the ‘Add to cart’ button. When you have finished adding items to your cart, sign in, select a delivery method and a payment method. After your payment has been accepted, you will receive an e-mail confirming your order.  

When will my order be delivered?

LNKnits will make every effort to deliver your order as quickly as possible. We aim to deliver your order within 3 working days. 

I need help to place my order. How can I reach you?

We gladly help you with any question you may have. Just send an e-mail to lien@lnknits.com and we will answer you as soon as possible!

Where can I buy an item from the LNKnits collection?

You can buy the LNKnits collection online, in our Antwerp based flagship store or in one of our multibrand retail stores. You can find all the information about the LNKnits flagship store and the retail stores on our dedicated store page

How do I check the availability of a specific product?

Unfortunately we cannot give you any update on the stock in our stores. If you wish to find out whether a specific product is available in a specific store, you can contact the store in question directly. Addresses and telephone numbers are listed on the 'stores' page.

I've paid but I haven't received a confirmation e-mail yet. Has my order been registered correctly?

First check whether the confirmation e-mail has not landed in your junk or spam mailbox. If you have not received a confirmation e-mail within 1 hour of payment, you should contact us via lien@lnknits.com. We will check as quickly as possible if the order has been registered correctly.

How much will it cost to ship a package?

Shipping prices may vary according to weight and final destination. When ordering online, the total shipping costs will be calculated automatically.

How can I pay for my order?

In order to pay for your purchases on this website, you can choose from the following standard payment methods: 1) Credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or Amex; 2) Debit cards mentioning the Maestro and/or Bancontact label; 3) Paypal

How do I use PayPal to pay for my order?

To pay with PayPal, you'll need to set up a PayPal account on the PayPal website. It only takes a few minutes to open a PayPal account and it's free.

Can I pay with eco cheques?

Unfortunately, this is not yet possible but we are working on it.  

What if my payment is declined?

A payment can only be declined by your bank, this has nothing to do with LNKnits. Depending on the payment method you have chosen, you will also be given a reason for the refusal. You can then contact your bank or select a different payment method. Your order will only be processed once your payment has been confirmed.

Can you send me an invoice made out to my company?

You will receive an electronic invoice for each purchase. However, if you wish to receive an invoice that is made out to your company, please contact our customer service department via lien@lnknits.com

Can I also use a gift card to pay for an online order?

Yes! On each gift card you will find a unique code you need during the ordering process. After having reviewed and confirmed your order, enter the code in the ‘gift card’ field in the shopping cart when checking out. The amount of the gift card will be deducted from your total purchased price.  If the total amount is higher than the value of the gift card, you can pay the surplus using normal payment methods such as credit or debit cards, or PayPal. If, on the contrary, your gift card amount exceeds the total purchase price, the webshop will automatically generate a new unique code containing the balance. After completion of the purchase you will receive a confirmation e-mail mentioning the new gift card code. In case you lose or accidentally delete the e-mail you can always consult your 'account' containing the history of all your purchases and gift card transactions.

How much time do I have to return an order?

You have 14 calendar days to return an order, calculated from the day following the delivery of the product. Once you have requested a return by sending an e-mail to lien@lnknits.com, your returned package must reach us within 7 days.

What if the size doesn't fit?

No worries. Send an e-mail to lien@lnknits.com, then send the item in the wrong size back and we’ll send you the correct size.

How much does it cost to return an order?

Return costs are carried by the customer. You can choose your own shipping method, but we strongly recommend shipping with tracking option, as you are responsible for the package until it reaches our office or store. 

Will I get my money back if I return an order?

If the product you are returning satisfies all the conditions (in new condition, in its original packaging, unworn and unwashed etc.), the purchase price of the returned product will be refunded within 30 days. Only the amount actually paid will be refunded. 

Will the postage costs be refunded if I return an order?

Postage costs will only be refunded if you have received a product that was not the product you ordered or if the product was damaged when you received it.

What will happen with my personal details?

Your personal details will only be used for the purposes of managing your order and the aftersales service. We will never pass on your details to third parties. 

Do I need an account if I want to place an order?

Yes, but it's easy peasy! If you purchase an item online for the first time and you don't have an account yet, you will have to complete a registration form. From then on, a simple login will do to buy 1, 2, 3 or more,… adorable LNKnits products.

I've forgotten my password. what should I do?

No worries, you can reset your password quite easily following the next steps:

1. Click on "My account"
2. Click on "Forgot your password?"
3. Enter your email address
4. Use the reset password in the email you have just received
5. Think of a new unforgettable password
6. Confirm your new password and off you go!

Where can I buy a gift card?

You can buy a gift card in the LNKnits flagship store and on the webshop.

How long are gift cards valid?

LNKnits gift cards are valid for 1 year.

Can I return a gift card?

Gift cards cannot be returned and or exchanged for cash or any other payment, not even partially.

What happens when my total order is less than the value of my gift card?

When you buy or order for an amount that is smaller than the value of your gift card, you will receive a new gift card with the remaining balance. 

How can I wash, care and store my LNKnits?

You should be very gentle to your handmade knit. However, it may still stretch and fluff a little. You can remove the little fluffy balls, one pill at a time, using a small pair of scissors. Be careful not to damage the fabric by cutting too close to the surface.

To clean your precious knit, we suggest dry-cleaning. But if you dare to take the risk yourself, we recommend using mild baby shampoo as detergent. Let it dry flat, do not hang it vertically. If needed, you can iron your knit using a damp cloth.

Don't ever use plastic or dry-cleaning bags for your alpaca, but use a clean pillow case, a clean paper bag of a carboard box to keep the air circulating around the garment. And like any other knit garment, alpaca clothing should be folded rather than hung to prevent stretching.

Which size for the Baggy Beanie should I order?

Calculate your size by measuring around your head. Then you can select your product size. 52-54 cm corresponds to size S, 55-57 cm corresponds to size M and 58+ cm corresponds to size L.